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Storm Sensor V1.1
  • Advanced storm warning
  • Easy connection to a PC
  • Shuts down your PC (optional)
  • Thunderstorm statistics
  • Use without a PC

        Supplied with:
  • Storm sensor unit
  • 2m Serial cable (9 pin)
  • BNC Telescopic aerial
  • 6V DC mains adapter
  • Installation CD
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 12 month warantee

  • Windows 9x, XP,2000
  • A spare serial port

Price 49.99
The Storm Sensor connects to your PC to give advanced warning of an approaching thunderstorm. Nearby lightning strikes can cause irreparable damage to computer equipment and "surge supressors" on the market do little to protect from this. This sensor will help you determine how big a threat a nearby storm is becoming and therefore decide if its worthwhile unplugging your computer from the phone line or mains.

The sensor is very easy to setup and the software is very simple to use. The software supplied gives lightning strike statistics, warnings and can even shut down your PC automatically for you. It's quite amazing to see the stats come in live! Everything runs discreetly in the system tray and uses minimal resources.

The sensor doesn't have to be used with a PC, the unit beeps and flashes with every strike detected. This means the unit can find many different uses where advanced storm warning is important.
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Storm Sensor V1.1
"EXCELLENT great gadget" - S. Hassall

"It really does work, I can't stop watching it!" - D. Bickford