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Higher Boswin, Porkellis
Helston, Cornwall, TR13 0LG
Tel: 01209 860353
PC Solutions

For many years now we have been producing custom made PC's tailored to what you need rather than a generic, off the shelf, solution. We have made 100's of PC's for individuals, companies and even educational institutes. Many computer stores will tell you that you must have the latest "everything" where in fact the majority of people do not need, and will never use, a vast majority of these features, so why pay for them? What's worse is the amount of useless software installed as standard on these PC's which tends to half the potential of the machine before the customer has even got it out the box!

So consequently there are no PC's to buy on this page, we believe a PC should be as unique as the individual purchasing it. If you would like, we can help you determine what kind of PC you will need, all we require is a list of things you think the machine will be used for and that can be used as our starting point.

We also specialise in small network setups, for the home or small business without the need for servers or bulky expensive equipment.

If your interested drop us an email.